A team approaches Amelia Earhart

A team approaches Amelia Earhart

Ric Gillespie may be closer than anyone has ever been to solving one of the great mysteries of the 20th century, but still try to understand the complicated woman which is at the center of it all. Recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had an encounter with Gillespie (leader of the International Group for the Recovery of Aviation History -TIGHAR-) in which a new expedition was announced to resolve the disappearance of the famous aviator Amelia Earhart.

A world celebrity and American heroine, Earhart, along with your navigator Fred Noonan, it was trying to go around the world in 1937, when it disappeared without a trace. There have been countless theories, but Gillespie and his team of researchers, archaeologists, and accident investigators (his own specialty) believe that they are close to solving it.

Amelia Earhart

I'm a gentleman so we're up straight and it comes to the lineGillespie reasons. Even oceanographer Robert Ballard, who discovered the remains of the Titanic in 1985, says that TIGHAR investigations they look promising.

In July, Gillespie's team established a research frame 200 feet from Honolulu and head to the Phoenix Islands in Kiribati. They believe they have found evidence that Earhart was able to land in the waters near the island of Nikumarro, and an analysis of a photo taken in 1937 (showing a chunk of the landing gear shattered by the swell) shows that it might be the best place to start.

During past investigations, found other evidence, including an eyewitness account of someone who saw the remains as that of a girl, the bones appear to be from a woman's shipwreck, bits of makeup, and a camp with numerous bones from countless birds, turtles, and fish.

However, the new and improved image it can take you to the wreckage. What they are looking for is "any idiotic artifact”. Even though Gillespie has been chasing Earhart for decades at first I did not want to be part of the search, as others had previously tried. But track after track, he and his team have built a case.

Around their office in Delaware, there are photos of Earhart and Noonan found near the photo of Gillespie's granddaughter.

The aviator has become part of her life. However, he seems to be sure of the way to go to find the pilot he is looking for. "It has been difficult for me to understand this woman", He says. "I still don't know who she was, but she's not the Amelia Earhart of legend. She is someone else”.

The adventurer was one of the greatest celebrities in their time. And she used it as a currency. During the times when Americans had very little, she offered them the cloudsShe was an ambitious woman, Gillespie reasons, who commercialized the dream of flying.

I don't know if she would have liked it very much”He admits, saying it's something he's never said before. But he knows that she did well in aviation. And it has found a certain connection, beyond the search. Earhart I knew headlines were the way to move to get the next big mission.

Staying with Clinton during the recent announcement, happy to have the spotlight on a project that need a lot of money, something comes to mind. "The uncomfortable realization that I do the same (as Earhart)", He says. "That shows a new perspective on Amelia”.

Although this has not helped him to know what his last moments were like, some suggest that Noonan could have died during the accident. If only she made it to the island, without antibiotics and at 37 ºC with the crabs, coconuts and sunstroke, experts say that could have lasted for months. But drinking water was limited And that was a death sentence.

Now, a man who does not quite understand her, could finally locate her.

Image: Edmonton Sun

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